Basil Charles Brock (Joe)

The late Basil C. Brock, "Joe" is known as the founder of what has become SPF America today. Through his work Experience from Hughes Aircraft and the army he was inspired to open his first sheet metal fabrication business, known as B&F Sheet Metal in the late 1950's in Los Angeles , California. As he attempted to retire in Clarksville, Arkansas in 1972, he realized the potential for business and jobs in North West Arkansas.

Utilizing his business contacts and experience he started Mid West Enamelers in 1977 in Fort Smith, Arkansas, servicing the copier, telex, computer and government project needs. As Customer demands changed in regard to an expanding telecommunication and battery industry, CopperFab was developed in 1997 specializing in precision copper fabrication and plating. In 2012, a merger between Mid-West Enamelers and CopperFab formed and became known as SPF America.

Today, we continue to produce quality, precision manufactured parts for our customer's needs both locally and nationwide. It is in his honor that SPF America is dedicated to him as our founder and leader.